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General Contractors NY (New Jersey, Westchester County and Yonkers, NY counties) is Serving NYC Area since 1990. We accomplish all types of general contractor work of home and commercial properties. You can call us NYC Roofing experts as we are expert in Commercial roofing, Residential roofing, Roof replacement and roof repairs. Our promise is to build your property as build your asset. We stand out from all other commercial general contractors in New York, because of our dedication to serve people. If you are looking for reliable roofing contractor in New York, we are here to serve you with highest trust. We cover all kinds of roofing and general contractors work. Our crews have highest level of expertise on all kinds of roofing, waterproofing, stucco, power wash, power wash deck, concrete, concrete repair and all other general contractors work.

GR General Contractors NY is licensed for NYC all 5 boroughs, New Jersey, Westchester County and Yonkers.


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At GR General Contractors NY, we concentrate on building quality constructions for all of our valued customers. We have established a durable connection of trust with our clients and the communities in which we build.

Are you looking for an experienced Roofer for roofing of your home or commercial place?

Yes, you are at right place of reliable and experienced roofers in NYC area, our truly satisfied customers base claims we are most experienced and reliable roofing contractor in NYC. We are completely unique in our roofing related services. Our completed roof lasts longer and we guarantee a true no leaky roof.

Our promise is to ensure you a safe and sound over head by choosing the best materials for your roofing work. With our more than 20 years of experienced in roofing, We are one of the best roofing contractor in Manhattan NY because we have expertise in all kind of roofing work.

  • We deals in all kind of all kinds of roof including commercial space roofing, home roofing, shading etc.
  • We can advise you the best roof, according to your need.
  • Each of our roofer keeps true expertise in EPDM, Rubber, Hot mop, SBS Roofing Systems and hanging shingles
  • Before we start our roofing work we give you a complete explanation of what we will be using as roofing materials of your roof.
  • We chose the roofing model by our years long experience insight of roofing as roofing contractor Manhattan NY.

Professionalism is the pathway of our business success. Our roofers are truly professional in their highly skill roofing work in Manhattan NYC.

Roof Repair contractor in NYC

As the best roofing contractor in New York, we deal in all kinds of roofing repair work. Our roofing repair service includes flat roof repairs and leaky roof repair. Our roofers know each and every roofing repair’s how to.

Are you thinking of waterproofing basement of your home?

Waterproofing the basement of your home is the most important issue of your home to protect your family from dangerous health effect of molds. We are experienced water proofing contractor in NYC. Safety of your home and your family means a lot to us. We have best experience on basement waterproofing. We deal in all kinds of waterproofing works. Waterproofing spray, concrete waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, deck waterproofing. Our expert crews know all about basement walls waterproofing products and make sure to accomplish the best waterproofing needs of your home / property.


Have Any Question! Don't Hesitate to Contact us at Any Time

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